HOSTAL VALL D'ANEU                                                                          Vacances tot l'any

VINE A ESQUIAR AQUEST HIVERN, DISFRUTA DE LA TERRA      973626097 973626292                                                           C/ MAJOR 46 25580   ESTERRI D'ANEU                                                   GPS: 42º37’33.00’’ N             1º 07’23.30’’E 

The ideal place to enjoy the snow


Winter is the ideal time to enjoy ski resorts, and our in hastel is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite sport. In a radius of - 40 km you can enjoy 5 Ski Resort nordic and alpine.

We are located 18 km from the station of Baqueira / Beret, 13 km from  Espot Esquí, 35 Km  form a sky resort, 36 km from  Bosc Virós and 40 km from Tavascan resort.

You can also enjoy the snow activities like the bobsleds and snowshoes walking along the National Park and the Natural Park Alt Pirineu.

Placed to few kilometres of the Park of the Bonaigua, it is the deal place in order that the children could have the first contact whit snow.


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